Haenuli - Ball of Starlight

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why do straight ppl think they can whine about gay ppl “throwing their sexuality in our faces” when almost every waking second of every minute of every day of my life is filled with heterosexual romance media and heteronormativity. like u think 2 girls holding hands in public is rubbing their sexuality in ur face you have no fucking idea what nonhet people go through on a daily basis shut the fuck up

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Winter Scenery of Mochou Lake, Nanjing City, China 

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Handmade crowns by Elemental Child.

I need one !

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karengillan asked:
Primrose , Daffodil , Hibiscus , Azalea

✿ primrose: probably french onion soup or baked potato soup

✿ daffodil: in all honesty I’m not sure - I’m a terrible person and I have a bad memory for gifts I’ve received in the past. I’ll just go with when I came home for thanksgiving break last semester and my bed was just covered in so many wonderful gifts from my bff’s and it was great

✿ hibiscus: ooo yes I played flute in elementary school! I kind of wish I still played it

✿ azaela: lmao just one? for some reason the first one that comes to my mind is my sister’s keeper, which I saw in theaters several years ago and just fucking lost it for the last half hour of the movie

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I enjoyed the new Captain America movie quite a bit. But I knew its soundtrack was missing something.


We love russian model Flora Kim by Victoria Janashvili

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